Vote !!


In the past week, a man mailed multiple pipe bombs to prominent Democrats. Six days ago, a white man tried to enter a black church in Louisville and when he couldn’t, he went to a nearby Kroger grocery store and killed two black people. On a Saturday morning in Pittsburgh, a white man entered a synagogue, shouting anti-Semitic statements. He killed eleven Jews and injured six others. This all took place in the very same week that the Trump administration thinks it might be able to define the transgender community out of existence. In three days, we have a chance to vote for people that represent a society closer to our ideals but in reality, we don’t always get the candidates we want. There are a record number of women and LGBTQ candidates running this year but not all of us have candidates such as these to choose from on our ballots. This doesn’t mean, however, I won’t vote for the person that aligns closest to what I think is important. Although I was never under the assumption that I would agree 100% with the candidate I voted for, I have still voted in 8 presidential elections in my lifetime. For the individual issues I do not agree with, I have the opportunity as a citizen to petition and be heard through phone calls, protests, or attending town hall meetings. So, for this who feel disillusioned, I get it. But change does not come from disillusion and disconnection — it comes from disillusionment and action. So if you can vote, DO IT! 

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