How writing helps me stomp on Cerebral Palsy (By Tylia Flores)


tap tap tap* Those are all the sounds I hear that help me escape from my lack of mobility on the left side of my body due to a little annoying tenant I have living in my brain called “Spastic Cerebral Palsy”.

For the past 24 years, Cerebral Palsy has made my life an adventure if you ask me from being a tiny 2 lbs. 3 oz. newborn fighting for her life in the ICU as doctors doubted that I would make it past 24 hours to learning how to write my ABC’s on an old fashioned typewriter for occupational therapy for an hour each day as I would whine and cry

As my little swan finger would touch the big giant keyboard and my fingers would become sore, I would often wonder what my purpose in life was and why I was made to be different.

Little did I know that someday the keyboard would lead me to telling my story with Cerebral Palsy and how I stomp on the obstacles that come my way each and every day whether it’s dealing with society and what their awareness is about C.P.

Or whether it’s forgetting to put my brakes on my wheelchair when getting out the car and your wheelchair decides to go with the wind, and you find yourself running down the hill in your caregivers’ arms.

Truth be told; Life’s an adventure in itself you get taught many lessons along the way, you meet many antagonists and many protagonists that make your life great.

The main thing I have learned throughout my life with cerebral palsy is that no obstacle is too big or too small for me to stomp on.
So no matter what the obstacles are in your life you have to keep going in order to follow your dreams in your passion.

We all have reached a point in our lives that we have to do certain things that we don’t want to do in order for us to reach the finish line but we have to take it one day at a time and be the tortoise of our lives because if we don’t then we will never be successful at the things we do and show our abilities and stomping on the stigmas that we face every day in a society as people with Cerebral Palsy
And that’s what writing has done for me it has given me an outlet to cope with society in the stigmas all around and to think it all started form an obstacle of me not wanting to learn my ABC’S led me to finding my passion and finding my own way to advocate and be the voice for those who can’t.

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