A Note to Spinal Bifida (by John Wood)

A Note To Spina Bifida:

Dear Spina Bifida, remember me? It’s John the infant you tried to kill 26 years ago.

Well let me give you a brief update, first and foremost, I’M NOT DEAD YET!

You did your best trying to make sure I never left the hospital or if I did leave, I’d be a vegetable in a bed the rest of my life, well joke’s on you buddy, I’ve written numerous articles, blogs and even a book about how you tried to destroy my life prematurely.

Let me say this one thing, YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME!

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 26 times, PACK YOUR BAGS AND MOVE OUT!

Your eviction notice is taped to your door and you need to leave now.

This space has been overcrowded by your crap for 26 years and I say good day to you good sir.

You’re no longer welcome here, and if you choose to stay, I will just continue the fight to survive.

So you now have 2 options: LEAVE PEACEFULLY or prepare to step back in the ring for the next round.

The choice is yours.

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