DIYabled Merch

All ready printed
Purple and Black

DIYabled Tshirts, prints, stickers, masks, and even shower curtains available 
Made to order at Redbubble.
Explore and get something really cool.


You can donate, Or get some of the things below.



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You can donate $25 and get a t-shirt

DIYabled T-shirts, Masks, and Digital wallpapers 

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Prints 10$ available on Etsy

-$4 for a Hi-Res Digital Download(email for details)


Bath Bombs $5.50 (Free Shipping)

Yard Signs 10-15$
Stickers 5$
Proceeds will go to DIYabled and NWGSD(PDX)
Will Ship!!
(just remember shipping and handling when donating 🙂 )



DIYabled Sticker
Suggested Donation 3$

Violins are Not Punk Zine
by Osa Atoe 3$


DIYabled Zines
Independence Series 10$

DIYabled Education Zines
3$ Suggested donation

“Completely Tilted Back” Book 40$