DIYabled Merch

People ask why I started DIYabled. My answer “EDUCATE!”
~DIYabled had made a documentary called Disability on the Spectrum. I will be doing a Disability on the Spectrum Docuseries. 15$ members will get early access as the series come out. These will be real stories from people that live as disabled people.
~You will also get early access to the series DIYabled Talks. Where I sit with disabled people and learn about their lives.
~Other membership levels will get early access and other special gifts.

You can donate, Or get some of the things below.

In purple and black


JOIN TODAY ! and get tshirt

You can donate $25 and get a t-shirt

DIYabled T-shirts, Masks, and Digital wallpapers 

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Prints 10$ available on Etsy

-$4 for a Hi-Res Digital Download(email for details)


Bath Bombs $5.50 (Free Shipping)

Yard Signs 10-15$
Stickers 5$
Proceeds will go to DIYabled and NWGSD(PDX)
Will Ship!!
(just remember shipping and handling when donating 🙂 )



DIYabled Sticker
Suggested Donation 3$

Violins are Not Punk Zine
by Osa Atoe 3$


DIYabled Zines
Independence Series 10$

DIYabled Education Zines
3$ Suggested donation

“Completely Tilted Back” Book 40$