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Disability Flag on white in the background. Top left in black letters, it says "Unrecognized Potential." On the top center in black letters, it says presented by DIYabled and This Body is Worthy. In the center in black letters, it says Disability Pride Art Show. At the bottom center in black letters, it says July 30, 2023, Different Wrld. The bottom right in black letters it say "Potential"

Disability Pride Art Show


July 30th at
-4;30 Featured Artists
-5:30 Documentary Disability on the Spectrum
-Dances with Wheels Q&A


Documentary Hale and Disability on the Spectrum-The Movie
6pm(est) 5pm(cst) 4pm(mst) 3pm(pst)
Hale Zukas, a Bay Area disability rights activist with cerebral palsy. Though his decades of advocacy work led to independence and accessibility protections for the disabled, he has remained largely unknown. This short documentary directed by Brad Bailey and produced by Isaac Gabriel Smith is an intimate portrait of his past and present.
BART recognized Hale Zukas for the 30th anniversary of the ADA in 2020 as a disability rights activist that helped create the accessibility of the public transportation system in the Bay Area and eventually the rest of the country.
You can watch that here.
Disability on the Spectrum-The Movie
This documentary takes a look at the diversity of ability that exists in disabilities but at the same time lets see how disabled people live and are able to accomplish all the things they want to do.
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~10/29 Stories os Disabilty-Voting 7pm(est)/6pm(cst)/4pm(pst)
Hosted by DIYabled and Stomping on CP
This event will have Disabled People sharing their stories about voting
Tylia Flores of Stomping on CP will provide tips for voting when you are disabled. This will be aired on DIYabled Facebook Live.

-Disablity on the Spectrum Movie Premiere
This will be an online event with some musical performers before the movie with a Q&A after. Sign up here to here  to get the Zoom link and the schedule for this event.:)