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Halloween Cover Band Show 2019


Accessibility is not charity -Its a Lifesaving Responsibility

~We talk a lot about educating people about disabilty. Schools are one way but the media also plays such an important role in how we learn about things. We were so excited to see Samantha Bee talk about how police brutality effects People Living with Disabilties, Specifically the deaf and hard of hearing. While this is a horrifying subject Samantha Bee did a great job informing folks about this while making very entertaining and funny.

~Sonically Speaking has done an interview ex Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa member Paul Lecours. Talks about his  life experiences with Florida and the punk scene. Soooo good check it out.


~It was an honor to be featured in She Shreds magazine where they talk about people with disabilities who want to enjoy music and what they do  so everyone can enjoy it together.

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she shreds

~Had such a great time doing the photo booth at the Moth Ball the other night.
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moth ball

~Cristy Road’s Next World Tarot has its 2nd run is ready for pre orders  get it now before it sells out !!


Next World Tarot





~Took portraits at the Annual Prison Book/Tranzmission Halloween Cover Band Show 2018. We raised 255$ for Lavender Ross. She had a trans surgery and due to constant infections she was unable to work. She needed help and her community HELPED !! 🙂 This portrait is of Lavender’s partner Nechama. Click on it to see the rest.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.50.37 PM
~In early October 2018 I was interviewed by Emma Hutchens of Asheville FM about a benefit I was doing for DIYabled, why started it, and what people can do to help. Take a listen !!!!