Unrecognized Potential 2022


The Unrecognized Potential zine includes all writing and art from the 2022 Disability Pride Art Show held by DIYabled and This Body Is Worthy at Revolve Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina, and online.

All proceeds from the sale of this zine will be given directly to Fight for Right, a Ukrainian disability rights organization working to evacuate disabled people from Ukraine and provide them with necessary medical equipment and care. As of July 30, Fight for Right has helped over 2,700 Ukrainians with disabilities and continue to receive 20-60 new requests for help every day. Lack of mobility, resources, and proper support means that disabled people are disproportionately impacted by war, and Fight for Right is doing necessary work to help as many people as possible. Purchase an Unrecognized Potential zine to support their work


The zine is $20 -$35 sliding scale for physical copy.
$5-$10 for online version
Thank you for your generosity,