The HCBS Access Act 2021 and SSI Restoration Act 2021

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HCBS Access Act &
SSI Reformation Act !!!!
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Learn more about the SSI Restoration Act
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Learn how you an help disabled people get more equity in your communities.

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Disabled people want pride by being able to live above the federal poverty level, have  more than $2000/mo in money and assets without being penalized, have the equity to be documented as being married.
If you aren’t on SSI or don’t know anyone who receives SSI you might have no idea how dysfunctional this program is.
The SSI Restoration Act will…
– Raise the benefit rate to match 100% of the Federal Poverty Level each year
(distributions currently put recipients well below the FPL, as they equal less than 75% of the FPL)
– Increase the SSI couple’s benefit to be double the individual benefit
(couples both on SSI receive less together than they would separately [$794/individual vs. $1,191/couple])
– Earned income up to $416/month will not reduce benefits
(currently, earned income above $65/month results in a reduction of benefits – not updated since 1972)
– Raise the asset limit to $10,000 for individuals and $20,000 for couples
(individuals can currently only keep $2,000 in assets/savings ($3,000 for couples) – not updated since 1989)
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Or txt “SIGN PSLOAE” to 50409