LGBTQ Pride month has begun.  We are so happy the rights LGBTQ community have gotten and will continue to be allies to them as they fight for more rights. Allies are important when minorities are fighting for an equal space at the “table” 

DIYabled is working on a video project for Disability Pride month, July. Disability is the largest minority in the world and we want to make a video that symbolizes this and asking the disabled community to take part. There are some new bills and acts going to congress this year and it is very important that we let our communities and the people we put in office know that We Are Everywhere!! 


Directions to participate in the project.

People should video themselves however they can. The quantity of people we get to participate is more important than the quality of the video.

We would like to get submissions by the end of June to get it out by the first week of July but will accept submissions for a year to share at next year’s Disability Pride month. The more disabled people we get the more of an impact WE will make.



-say your name

-describe your identity, (i.e. I am a white Woman have glasses blue eyes wearing a blue shirt.

-you can identify your pronouns too if you want. Whatever you want to say about yourself is great

-This is the most important part. We would like everyone to end it with I am disabled. we are everywhere.

Please send the clips to DIYabledGo@gmail.com