Necessary Persistence

Today I read what my friend, Jewel Sanchez, had to do to get her home healthcare. She was able to gain enough independence to move out of her mom’s house and move into her own place with her boyfriend. Great, right? Well because her mother no longer will be there to assist her in her daily life, including her bowel care, bathing and dressing, she needs more hours from a caregiver. Medicaid in Florida denied her request. She was in fact being punished for gaining independence and discouraged from being able to live on her own.

The whole point of Medicaid and Medicare paying for things like doctors, medication, home care, therapy, assistive devices like wheelchairs, and more is to support the independence of People Living with Disabilities so they can live as their able-bodied peers do. Despite the great amount of frustration Jewel must have felt she kept persisting for her rights as Person Living with Disabilities and won.

Read her story and see how her persistence got her what she needed.

It is already hard for People Living with Disabilities to get what they need. Already persistence is necessary to get what we need to live. It truly is a battle and and without this persistence  we are not able get what we need. So it easy to see how the  current danger looming over healthcare makes our community feel so very threatened. This is  one of the many reasons why it is so important to call you representatives and say NO. We want decent fair healthcare for everyone and it’s your job to make that happen!!!

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