Don’t Forget About Us

Today I went to The Big Crafty here in Asheville. It was such a great event for the extremely talented Asheville art community to share what they do with the community they live in. I did really enjoy it, but unfortunately there was one huge thing overlooked that was really bothering me the entire time I was there. Some of vendors had booths that were inaccessible to people living with physical disabilties. As I looked around I noticed the large amount of people using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes and I was really bothered that these people would not have the freedom to explore all the options available to them.


People Living with Disabilties(PLD) are extremely susceptible to depression due to isolation and when an event like this or of any kind is not all inclusive by being aware of this is contributing to the isolation this community feels. While I do not think this was purposeful act of the disregard of awareness of the PLD it is something that we as a community need to strive to remember because the damage to a PLD’s independence in this case is not one of just physical, but mental as well.

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