Welcome to DIYabled!!!

DIYabled is a nonprofit that started to educate people about disability and accessibility.

Currently DIYabled has a series called Cripstory where are you can learn about the unheard history of disability. They are purposely made sure to pick your curiosity and learn more about these people and how their contributions helped form the world we live in today. The Frankie and Pripee Show  is another series where Frankie and Pripee talk about different subjects about disability. The show was made for children but adults can learn from it too.
DIYabled’s This Crip Life is a podcast we are we have conversations the diverse group of people that make up the disability community. We talk to disabled people learn about the things they do and how they do it.
DIYabled is a grassroots nonprofit and depend on the donations from for me to keep doing the work we do. Please consider donating. Thank you.

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